Cyberplus expands services to Laos with local partner ALO Technology Group

Cyberplus, an industry-leading solutions provider, has recently partnered with ALO Technology Group, an IT and consulting company in Lao PDR (Laos), to further expand security and digital solutions available to the Laotian market.

The partnership will see Cyberplus offering custom-built IT products for ALO Technology’s partners and customers in the country. ALO Technology is a local enterprise with more than 20 years of deep-rooted experience in Laos’ IT industry and benefits from strong support from the government. The group produces its own brand of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment, including smartphones, tablets, and all-in-one desktop systems. 

As the channel partner of Mastercard’s Cybersecurity and Intelligence solutions, Cyberplus will work alongside ALO Technology’s partners, mainly Laotian telecommunication companies (telcos), financial institutions, and large enterprises, to deploy security solutions that meet their customers and business needs.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with ALO Technology, a local tech brand with esteemed retailing capabilities and reputation in the Laotian market. Through this partnership, some of our most well-known products and proven solutions can reach the local market to safeguard both companies and consumers alike,” said Andrew Tan, Managing Director of Cyberplus.

As a security solutions provider with a proven global track record, Cyberplus will deliver solutions catered to both the consumer and enterprise segments respectively. For the consumer market, Cyberplus will offer its Mastercard ID Theft Protection and Mastercard® Gamer Xchange programs, which are solutions aimed at helping large local companies safeguard their customers’ digital experience. 

The ID Theft Protection is a programme that effectively scans and monitors the web, including the dark web, to check whether consumers’ personal data have been collected or used without their authorisation. On the other hand, the Gamer Xchange is a conversion engine that converts unspent loyalty points into gaming currency, benefiting both consumers and companies in a win-win situation. The Gamer Xchange is a first-ever scalable conversion engine that can be built in companies’ loyalty app environments.

Cyberplus’s RiskRecon is the third solution that will be offered to Laotian partners through the collaboration. The RiskRecon solution is built to cater solely to enterprises, offering a 360-risk profile that will help businesses deploy measures to prevent data breaches. The service allows enterprises under external threats to pinpoint and prioritise cyber risk from third-party vendors and providers, as well as proactively take steps to manage those risks.

According to statistics by Interpol, Southeast Asia ranks as one of the region’s most susceptible to cybercrime in the world. Internet penetration in the region has been rapidly rising over the past two decades, a development that opens its residents to both opportunities and security threats at the same time.

“Laos ranks as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and there is huge potential for technology to help accelerate that progress.  As the country moves towards a more inclusive digital economy, credible, high-quality cybersecurity solutions will be needed to strengthen trust in its early systems,” said Andrew Tan.

“Companies today understand that data is wealth. IT security is no longer a sideway consideration, it must be front and centre of their business operations. By deploying adequate data security solutions, companies are demonstrating that they are looking after their most valued assets, and this translates directly to brand reputation and customer trust,” said Thanousone Phonamat, Chairman of ALO Technology.

About Cyberplus

With a regional presence and teams across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Cyberplus’s mission is to bring cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to every market in the world, even those in developing nations. As Laos looks to build its digital infrastructure and technological capabilities in the years to come, having top-tier solutions to protect its market will prove a vital ingredient.

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