Mastercard® Gamer Xchange

Convert loyalty points into gaming currency.

Mastercard Gamer Xchange

A conversion engine that converts unspent loyalty points into gaming currency.

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A first-ever conversion engine  that is scalable and works in your loyalty app environment.

Mastercard Gamer Xchange (MGX) will offer thousands of gaming products from publishers and gaming currency distributors to customers, for loyalty program members to convert reward points into gaming currency.

MGX is a turnkey solution – from sourcing gaming currency to fulfilment – through an API that can be into the loyalty platform’s environment.

Mastercard Gamer Xchange is domiciled out of Singapore, catering to 75 countries.


A win-win solution for you and your consumers.

Accelerate points redemption with a superior user experience.

Gain maximum commercial value with direct transfer of balances between gaming partners and your loyalty platform via MGX.

Give your loyalty program a first-mover advantage in a fast-growing and lucrative category.

Elevate your brand relevance and increase stickiness with your existing platform with a single-point transact/exchange function for users.

Allow users to redeem unspent points for something they love, with more value per point redeemed vs cash rebate.

Offer a wide selection of the world’s most popular game titles in one place.

Power up your loyalty platform with a simple API integration for instant access to MGX.

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