Mastercard ID Theft Protection™

Defend personal information and secure digital privacy.


Did you know that identity fraud scams claimed 39 million victims in 2020?

Javelin, Identity Fraud Study, March 2021.

Find out how Mastercard ID Theft Protection can help your customers monitor their identities and respond to suspicious activity.

Consumers are seeking peace of mind, ease and confidence when they use their personal IDs online.

Our Mastercard Identity Theft Protection programme enables consumers to proactively monitor and resolve instances of identity theft, saving them time, hassles and associated financial costs. The programme can also help detect instances of lost and stolen non-digital identity documents, like passports, driving licenses, credit cards, national IDs, that are converted into digital files and then misused online.


Mastercard ID Theft Protection puts consumers in control of their identities.


Monitors the deep, dark and surface web.


Provides alerts and full identity restoration services.


Quick resolution with Self Service ID Theft Resolution Kit.


Data shared by consumers is kept secure.

Securing your customers' digital experience.

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