Pinpoint and prioritize cyber risk from third-party vendors and service providers.


Assess and identify external facing vulnerabilities.

Proactively monitor and assess your 3rd parties cyber risk posture from information available on public domain using RiskRecon.

Manage your business relationships with confidence.

Using proprietary data gathering techniques, RiskRecon creates a 360-degree risk profile of an enterprise’s public IT footprint. Based on that footprint and a detailed analysis, a RiskRecon rating and report is generated providing detailed, actionable information with context. No additional analysis is required.


Uncovering third-party cyber risk.

Reduce risk of data breaches.

Reduce financial losses from data breaches.

Gain greater control and flexibility managing third-party cyber risk.

Save time and resources managing third-party cyber risk.

Obtain more reliable, accurate assessments of third-party cyber risk.

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